Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nearly Everyone I Know is Pregnant (a.k.a. I'm Shopping for New Mom Gifts)

It's true. It seems as though 80% of the women I know are pregnant right now. Which means I'm surrounded by happy, glowing friends and have several festive baby showers to attend. This means gifts. Lots and lots of baby shower gifts, newborn baby gifts and gifts for new moms and dads.

I always assume newborns will be gifted with tons of clothes they will outgrow in their first month of life, so I usually don't succumb to purchasing those adorable miniature outfits. Except for the occasional irresistible onesies and t-shirts for very special babies. Like these. And sometimes these.

Gift registries are great, but sometimes you want to give something a little more personal. That's why I think these necklaces are the best possible gift a new mom could receive.

I'll admit it, I'm biased. They are, of course, my own creation. But this idea for birthstone eternity necklaces was born (pun intended) from necessity. I was looking for a personal gift for a new mother and had a lot of trouble finding something special, yet affordable.

Not only are they custom and reasonably priced, they are handmade, sterling silver, and expandable for when baby #2, #3 and possibly even baby #4 arrive. Just order new circle pendants and you're good to go!

Two (and sometimes even three) names can even be combined onto one circle if they aren't too long – this is a popular option for twins and triplets.

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