Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Calendar Roundup

I am VERY picky when it comes to certain things. Shoes for sure. Jewelry definitely. And most assuredly calendars. It's a little ridiculous. I didn't even realize how particular I was about calendars until I started looking for a suitable version for 2014.

Here is my list of criteria:

1. It must fit the space I have pre-designated for a calendar in my home. I always hang it in the same spot on a small wall between my entryway and kitchen, beside a mirror. It is a vertical space and the calendar can be no more than 10" wide. That drastically narrows the field (pun intended).

2. It must be pre-printed for me. In perusing Etsy for calendar selections this year, I noticed a lot marked as "printable download." I'll be the first to admit that my printer sucks. And even if it were a fantastic printer, by the time I got around to purchasing high-quality paper worthy of a calendar the year would be half over.

3. I'm picky about quality (see criteria #2), so it has to be either letterpress printed or screenprinted, or at the very least printed on heavy cardstock. I want crisp lines and vibrant colors.

4. I need a fresh image or graphic each month. I relish in the ritual of turning to a fresh, new page on the first of the month, so no at-a-glance, all-in-one calendars will do.

5. I have to love it. Every single month doesn't have to blow me away, but I have to be able to live with the theme for a full year.

Following this list, I have narrowed down my selections to the following calendars:

Bold, bright, modern patterns printed on matte cardstock from christine marie b.

I love BOTH of these calendars from Dozi. The top one features adorable illustrations representative of each month, while the second focuses on geometric shapes. Both are printed on matte cover weight paper. 

This amazing animal illustration calendar is made by Spoon&Sailor in Rhode Island. They letterpress on 100% cotton (tree-free!) paper on a Chandler & Price antique press.

Stationery Boutique out of Colorado has designed a gorgeous pattern calendar this year, and this one is currently at the top of my list because each page doubles as a mailable postcard when the month is through. If you know me at all, you know how much I love sending postcards.

I had a Little Low adventure-of-the-month calendar in 2013 and absolutely LOVED it! Every month was darling. I'm strongly considering their great American roadtrip calendar this year.

Red Cruiser came out with this fantastic food/beer pairings calendar and I absolutely love the colors and whimsical style. My only issue is that some months feature meat. Sure, I can easily pretend it's fake meat...fake bacon in March, piles of Tofurky® slices on that June sandwich, veggie dog in July, etc. But should I? I'm not sure. Needless to say, August (pictured above) would be my favorite month by far.

Each month of the 2014 Freckle Paper flea market finds calendar features a hand painted watercolor illustration of an antique object found at a flea market. Charming. Subdued. It comes on a clipboard for hanging.

Help me decide!! Before it's too late and they all sell out. :)

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