Monday, May 25, 2009

Feature in The Bretttorrium - Creative Emporium

There's this fantastic blog called The Bretttorrium, and somehow blogger Brett was brilliant enough to find me on Etsy and generous enough to feature me in his "Weekend Wonderful" section this past weekend. I could not be more thrilled about this!

I don't know much about Brett, but he seems to be from California, and my Etsy stats sure did skyrocket out west this weekend. Don't you just love Google Analytics? Fascinating stuff.

Here is some of what The Bretttorrium had to say about Lofted Designs:
lofted designs does not make jewelry, they make wearable art. i am simply enamored with these great artisans and i think you will be, too.
How flattering!!! Feel free to use the Bretttorrium discount code when shopping at my Etsy store. It expires June 5th.

Brett was also kind enough to tweet about me to his more than 300 followers on Twitter.

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