Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Tower of Song

Photo by Cara Slifka

Last weekend I participated in the Tower of Song Festival in Portland, Maine as an arts vendor, and I just wanted to say how amazing it all was! Thank you to my friends Will, Alicia and John for putting together such a great event. It was their first time coordinating something like this and usually things don't go that smoothly the first time around, but they had all the details ironed out ahead of time which made for a fantastic day.

I mingled with a very colorful audience in the square below while some of my favorite bands (like Chriss Sutherland and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper) performed from the Tower above. What a treat to be serenaded by lovely music all day! Sales were great and I met a lot of really nice people. Can't wait until next year's Tower of Song fest.

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