Thursday, May 21, 2009

Handmade Class Rings

For some reason when it came time to purchase a high school class ring my senior year, I felt compelled to order one. It wasn't that I particularly enjoyed high school...most of the time I despised it. But everyone else was getting one and they had this feature where you could get a little peace sign placed under the stone which I thought was really cool at the time. If only I could have ordered something really unique. Something different but still meaningful to my experience.

Now, years later, I am making that option available with handmade, personalized class rings available for men and women in all sizes! Perfect for high school or college seniors. You choose the band style (thin or thick, wide or skinny) and the finish (brushed, polished or hammered) and let me know exactly what you'd like it to say. Maybe it's your name or a goofy nickname. Maybe it's the name of your school or simply "class of '09". Stamp it on the outside and tell the world you graduated, or stamp it on the inside for a more discreet look.

You can read more and order here.

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