Thursday, April 9, 2009

Etsy & The Recently Listed Items Feature

I just switched my online storefront from Big Cartel to Etsy. This means I've been listing lots of things on Etsy over the past couple of weeks. Well, they have this feature where they display recently listed items as they are posted. It's kind of mesmerizing and hypnotizing, and I've gotten a little bit addicted to it. Every time I list a new item, I am compelled to watch it scroll by on the "recently listed items" page. For some reason I find it super exciting to see something I've made on a page with lots of other stuff.

This page is also a great way to be a lazy shopper for those who don't want to search for the perfect handmade item but instead would prefer that the item come to them.

Check it out sometime, but try not to get sucked in! It can be dangerous if you lack self control with the online shopping.