Sunday, February 10, 2013

Geek Love - Custom Binary Rings

Just in time for Valentine's Day! I recently had the opportunity to create custom his and her rings for a couple with "I  You" spelled out in binary code. How sweet and nerdy is that?!? (For those of you who aren't super nerds, binary code is a computer language where  data is represented digitally using zeros and ones.)

To create these bands, I first measured and cut strips of bare metal sterling silver to size for each ring. I then hand-cut the tiny hearts and stamped the code using 0s and 1s:  01101001 ♥ 01110101.

The next step was to hand-forge and solder each ring. Then they were polished to a shine and shipped off to their new owners.

The couple was very happy with the finished rings and can now proudly show off their love for one another every day.

Interested in your own custom his & her rings? Contact me today via Etsy or email me directly to talk about your ideas!

UPDATE - October 2013: 
Binary code rings are now available in my shop all the time!