Friday, September 25, 2009

I Love Custom Orders! (Part One)

Custom orders are my favorite orders. They're usually an interesting challenge (i.e. "match this earring that I bought in South America in 1972...I lost its mate") or an idea I would not have thought of on my own.

In this special case, my friend Holly has a dog named Snuggles with an odd affinity for watermelon. I make dog tags all the time, but never before have I stamped a tag for such a particular pup. This tag is layered sterling silver over copper with a heart cut-out and Mr. Snuggs stamped on the back.

Holly was kind enough to snap some photos of Mr. Snuggs wearing his new bling and delighting in his favorite treat!
"Best photo shoot EVAR!" -Mr. Snuggs

Know a pup who needs some bling? You can order your very own here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Picnic Music + Arts Festival - 9/12/09

This Saturday is the 2nd Annual Picnic Music + Arts Fest in Portland, Maine! I am very excited to be one of 100 crafty vendors...the list is fantastic, and I will certainly be in great company. In fact, I just took a look at a map of the event and I will physically be surrounded by greatness!

Colleen Kinsella of
Kinsella Art will be directly across from me, peddling wonderfully imaginative and beautifully executed art prints, cards and possibly even silkscreened pillows. Next to her will be my friend Nikaline of Little Garlic Press who re-imagines vintage clothing and fabric into gorgeous fashions. I already have a few of her pieces in my collection (a dress created from old curtains and t-shirts, and a gorgeous skirt made from psychedelic 60s fabric) and I just adore them both. And just across the path from those vendors will be my friend Molly of Boom Chick-a-Boom, sewer of amazing creations and soon-to-be new mama! Angela Adams, who hails from Maine and whose handbags, wool rugs and paper goods make me swoon, will also be represented at the show.

I hope you can come out and see us! This Saturday, 11-6, Portland, Maine.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Art In The Loft

From time to time, I enjoy cleaning and re-decorating my workspace. I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting things to inspire me, whether it's a new favorite candle, tacking an old Polaroid to the wall, or in this case, hanging a new print.

I discovered this print during a recent exhibition at Space Gallery and couldn't resist. The artist, Megan O'Connell, hails from Portland, Maine, and does some incredible work. I love everything about it – the paper, the typesetting and especially the colors – not to mention what it actually says. Brilliant!

(And in case you were wondering, my favorite candle is Mango Tangerine soy from Archipelago Botanicals. I welcome candle donations at any time!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Great Music = Great Inspiration

I have always found music to be an incredible source of inspiration. From the time I was five years old and got my very first cassette tape (Michael Jackson's Thriller), I can remember being moved to sing, dance and create.

Many years have gone by since that time, but my love of music hasn't changed. I find it pretty incredible that a song can have the power to completely change my mood.

Lately, I've been inspired by two artists in particular.

The first is Grizzly Bear, a Brooklyn-based band that is often described as "indie rock" although that genre name gets thrown around so often it has begun to lose its meaning. Their songs are grand, sweeping landscapes of sound with rhythmic layers and a dreamy feel. Their recent release Veckatimest has gained "repeat" status on my iPod, although I also love their earlier release Yellow House.

The second artist getting repeated plays in the loft is Devendra Banhart, whose music is described by most as freak folk or psych folk. I only recently began listening to Mr. Banhart, and I started with some earlier favorite at the moment is Cripple Crow. I have no idea how to describe his music, but I think the man is a creative genius.

Lots of great jewelry is in the works, thanks to inspiring sounds!